About Me

Hi! I'm Simone. Photography has always been a passionate interest of mine ever since I can remember. I find myself getting excited when there's the perfect golden sunset. I have been known to say to my hubby - "I bet there are some really happy photographers tonight!" when the lighting is *just* right. I love capturing that perfect shot and sharing it with the world.

By day, I'm a teacher. I've been teaching middle school since 2002. I have taught language arts, literature, social studies and even drama. Currently, I'm an instructional coach for my district and love the challenges that come with a new role.

I have a devilishly handsome hubby, Nick, and 4 kiddos. Patrick, my step-son, is one of my favorite people and Matteo, Ava and Anthony have my whole heart. We love to do things as a family like hike nearby forest preserves, go to the movies, eat Big Sammy's and most importantly watch an insane amount of Jessie re-runs (please send wine.)

One of my biggest reasons for diving into photography was my children. I have so few pictures of my own childhood, and I always wish I could go back in time and "see" more of what my life was like growing up...more pictures of my mom, more pictures of her with my brother and me. I want to help families capture those irreplaceable-can't go back in time-moments. To me, the only thing greater than the experience itself is having it frozen in time by capturing perfect images.